New Beginnings Crisis Pregnancy Center

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New Beginnings is a Crisis Pregnancy Center founded and operated by African Christian Outreach within their Community Outreach Projects. Given the increasing population of women faced with crisis pregnancy in Kenya accompanied by the absence of support services, ACO staff saw this not only as a much needed service but also a powerful ministry and engagement tool within the community.

We are confident that we can effectively address crisis pregnancies in our immediate environment with unique, biblically sound, holistic approaches currently unavailable throughout the Rift Valley region and other parts of Kenya.   Our staff and partners work diligently to create long-lasting change not only in the women and unborn children we work with but also within their families and societies at large.


A crisis pregnancy is defined as a pregnancy which is neither planned nor desired by the mom, consequently becoming a personal crisis for her. Current statistics build the case for the great need in Kenya:

  • 10 % of every pregnancy in Kenya is attributed to girls aged 15 to 19, mostly unmarried and attending school.
  • Nearly half (43 %) of pregnancies in Kenya are unplanned and over 40% of unplanned pregnancies end in abortion.
  • An estimate of over 460,000 abortions occur in Kenya annually, with 3,000 maternal deaths recorded resulting from abortions.
  • Approximately 60% of women in Kenya have sexual intercourse before the age of 18.

Women in a crisis pregnancy experience a great deal of emotional stress, spiritual instability, financial worries, disruption of academic pursuits (including many dropping out of school) and stigmatization in society among many other negative effects. The Rift Valley region leads the nation with the highest number of abortions performed annually. Incidences of death or health complications after failed attempts at abortions have also increased. The impact of crisis pregnancies is widespread and has warranted the intervention of local administrators, educators, the clergy, healthcare providers and other stakeholders in the society. 


By God's grace, equipped with the right resources and in partnership with like-minded people, we strive to resolve crisis pregnancies in Kenya one-girl-at-a-time. Our center offers services to ladies who are going through or have gone through a crisis pregnancies in the following ways:

Counseling: We have a team of trained staff and volunteers who offer Biblical based crisis counseling, post-abortion counselling, and general counselling.

Bible Studies: We use passages from the Bible and relevant study material to lead the ladies we work with back to Christ for their restoration. Recognizing that it is only Christ who can bring about true healing, hope and wholeness, this is a fundamental part of the process we walk ladies through. 

Life Skills: These include crafts, basic tailoring, money management, basic cooking skills, health and nutrition and housekeeping. These skills are geared towards enabling the ladies to be adaptable, responsible and competent in tackling day-to-day obligations. 

Preventive Programs: To be pro-active and not just react to the crisis, we offer abstinence programs, community outreach and advocacy for the sanctity of life. Other services we offer include: Ultrasounds, pregnancy tests, referrals to medical doctors and classes on birth and parenting.